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Consorzio dal Molise arise from the intuition of Mr. Domenico Notartomaso from passion for Italian food and love for his Molise region. Molise is a little region situated in the south of the Italy characterized by uncontamined nature, history, art, traditions and good food. The survival of customs, the respect of vegetable and animal species, of handcraft and professions disappeared elsewhere, make of Molise the perfect background to develop the project.
Founded in the year 2000, CDM, was realized by conducting marketing research in collaboration with the local University on local environment and studies on various products and raw materials. “Dal Molise” means that “from Molise” we want to bring the genuineness of our products to satisfy the palates of the whole world. Our logo, a sapling, symbolizes the strength of our roots that sink in a solid ground and the branches represents the wide range of products of CDM that sprout from it. The development of new methods and the application of new technology allow to optimize production and distribution to respond to customer requests. Our strength is innovation IN tradition.

CONSORZIO DAL MOLISE mainly focused on the world of dairy products, in which founder Notartomaso has extensive experience. Specialized in a large range of fresh and frozen products the Consorzio also produces non-dairy products as pasta, oil, tomatoes, sauces, vegetables in oil, truffles and wine.
Developing the frozen line with the innovative technology IQF, individual freezing process with liquid nitrogen, CDM brings the real Italian taste on the tables of the whole world. CDM is deeply committed to the production process, rigid control and high quality standards, ensuring full traceability of the process and production systems.

Tradition and Innovation, flavour of the past and modern technology with a focus on high-quality products. CDM works day after day to offer good, natural, products rich of flavour and freshness. The Company responds to market demands serving both national and international markets and offering groupage, picking and unified billing.

The base of CDM’s success is the steady and ongoing commitment to research, technological development, enhancement of the Italian tradition following nature and it’s rules. Every step in the process is constantly checked and upgraded.
Reliability and on time deliveries, private labels, dedicated customer service and multi languages staff, represents our services for market’s requirements to reach the customer satisfaction.

Respect for territory and tradition.


Consorzio Dal Molise - vat number: 01595070705 - Zona Industriale Padulo Conte, snc, 86014 Guardiaregia (CB) - +39 0874 785298